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Book Releases  &  Press Coverage

Bea Jackson is often mentioned in the mainstream and specialist press. Read on to see some of their latest media coverage, as well as information about exhibitions and shows. Please reach out if you have any questions about their work or for media inquiries.



Holiday Season 2021

Make your holiday presents special — inside and out — with the Brittany Jackson Artist Series Collection from Wondershop™. To fulfill all of your gift-presentation needs, this presenting selection includes a festive range of gift bags, stylish gift boxes and colorful wrapping paper. The gift bags include satin red ribbon handles that make them easy to carry and are ideal for a variety of items. The gift boxes have lids adorned with cute illustrations of little Brittany looking adorable and cheerful as ever, and a generous space inside to keep photos, cards and trinkets. The 25-square-foot gift wrapping papers are ideal for a variety of items and may also be used to make seasonal cards and DIY projects. Different winter-inspired prints are included throughout the collection, ranging from little Brittany in fun poses to various kinds of Christmasy elements that truly enhance the Christmas spirit. An adorable Bea Jackson 2021 Christmas ornament is also included in the seasonal collection, which is ideal for trimming your tree or as a stocking stuffer.



October 2021

Bea Jackson, an past winner of Illustrators of the Future joins the ranks as one of the newest Illustrator Judges!



Nov 2, 2021

Bea Jackson returns as the Illustrator of the The New York Times bestselling book- Parker Looks Up. In Parker Shines on, we tell an uplifting story about Parker making a new friend and learning about self-expression, opening your heart, and helping others.

Parker Curry loves being a big sister. She gets to play dress-up with her little sister, Ava, and piano with her baby brother, Cash. And Parker loves to dance, twirling and leaping and spinning in joy.

But when a dancer joins her class and needs her help, Parker wonders if she has what it takes to be not only a real dancer, but a real friend.

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